A Complete Guide: Setting Up Employee Benefits for a Small Business

The compensation package of employees does not mean salary alone, it includes many other perks and incentives. These need to appear attractive and have to be beneficial to attract and retain the employees. Many companies create a package that provides many small advantages to employees and that help them to get tax benefits also. Small companies may also take some of the points and implement good benefit schemes for the employees.

  1. Everyone wants to be valued as a person and as an individual. The most important concern is about health. So the company can create a good health plan for the employees. This may include their family members or provide a package through the medical insurance companies.
  2. They must get paid time offs. This can include sick days, paid leave and some vacation time.
  3. Subsidized meal coupons are liked by all employees. Some kind of meal options can be provided in the company workplace as well.
  4. Employees also like online coupons for shopping. These are flexible and can be sued across various online stores and that way people can buy what they really need or want. CouponoBox has a vast variety of coupons that help people to expand their shopping cart across the different stores.
  5. Disability insurance and life insurance are two kinds of plans that the employees are entitled to in most companies. So even the small companies can make it a point of providing this benefit.
  6. The flexible or remote working option is also a great incentive that many employees look for before joining a company.
  7. A retirement benefit plan.

These are some of the basic perks that employees appreciate from their employers. You can combine these with the help of an expert and create a compensation package that will help you to retain the employees for the longest term.

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7 Homemade Drinks to Lose Weight Fast and Detox

I have always been a big made of homemade remedies:

They are easy to make and they do not present problems later; in the sense that even if they do not really help the cause which I have felt rarely, they do not create toxins in the body because of they are natural and that they are extremely safe in the long run.

A friend who was desperate to lose some weight right before her D day chose slimming pills over some homemade remedy to shed them off. She lost all the weight in time but I remember her telling me the last time that I saw her that it did present contraindications later in which she felt discomfort in her stomach. It’s a pity that a lot of young girls and boys fall for fancy advertising when a little homemade drink does it!

Here is my list of seven drinks that will help you claim all your curves back:

  1. Green tea:

The flavonoids and the caffeine present in green tea are good for increasing metabolism, insulin and also encouraging fat oxidation resulting in considerable weight loss. The catch is that you must continue to drink it at least for three months until the first effect is manifest.

  1. Honey and cinnamon drink:

This one is magical in helping you control hunger and at the same time cleansing your system off all the toxins. Take it early in the morning with one glass warm water.

  1. Lime and honey:

This drink is best when taken first thing in the money. Make sure to not mix the honey in warm water otherwise the enzymes in it become inactive.

  1. Lemon and ginger water:

This is such a flavorful drink that I love it whenever I make it for myself. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties whereas lemon helps me in feeling fuller helping me avoid unnecessary snacking. It is a refreshing drink and can be taken any time of the day, hot or refrigerated.

  1. Cucumber and grapefruit juice:

While grapefruit has immune boosting properties cucumber is anti-diuretic which helps in eliminating toxins from the kidney and the liver. Also, they are an excellent food to hydrate the body and help in feeling full.

  1. Apple cider vinegar:

If you haven’t heard of this miracle ingredient then I suggest that you immediately add it to your grocery list. This one ingredient is making waves in the fitness industry. Drink it raw or mix it with honey lime; it works all great!

  1. Turmeric Smoothie drink:

If you are wondering who throws in turmeric into their smoothie; let me tell you it tastes out of this world. Check out its recipe at Turmeric Smoothie drink – holistic board.  It is not just refreshing but also anti-inflammatory and brings in a brilliant taste to coconut, banana mango, and ginger smoothies. Try!…

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