How Having a Dog-friendly Office Can Help Your Business Get Ahead in 2018

If you are looking for retaining your best employees, then you can make your office dog-friendly and help your business get ahead in 2018. Want to know how? Pets at work (PAW) scheme are doing a great job, and its positive aspects are helpful in achieving the success of your business. It works well and keeps your business at the forefront of the industry.

Promotes better work-life balance

The flexibility of the dog owners in the PAW implemented companies has been noticed to improve the engagement and morale of the employees in that supportive and relaxed environment. It also helps in maintaining work-life balance to ensure effective contribution towards the growth of the company.

Improves relationship in the office

Here dogs bring the whole company together and improve relationship inside the workplace. The companies which implemented PAW find definite improvement in the performance of the employees. After all, who doesn’t love to work with the company that feels like the second family?

Keep Calm

In this fast-paced life where it creates so much stress at work, having a dog beside you can reduce that to a great extent. Pets create an open and friendly atmosphere for the employees to talk as well as enjoy the work to the fullest.

Foster healthy and happy workplace

PAW undoubtedly foster a happy and healthy atmosphere in the company and makes employees more satisfied. It also facilitates the best indoor dog potty. A happy employee always adds value to your company.

Attracts new talents

A dog-friendly office attracts the new skills towards the company and those who own a dog quickly move to these companies for a better environment. It is indeed a lovely offering that a company can make at the time of recruitment.


There cannot be any better motivation than your dog in your office. There cannot be a better situation to be productive and giving your best to the company to make it get ahead in the year 2018.


How having a dog-friendly office can help your business get ahead

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