How to Run a Home Based Salon?

Planning to open your own business is exciting. Beauty services will always be the right idea no matter where you live. Especially if you are planning to run the salon from your home, you could save a lot of overhead that comes with renting a commercial property.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, here are the things you need to know before opening your home salon:

Figure out the legalities

Many landlords or mortgage providers do not permit renting their residential property for running commercial ventures. Before you make a decision, have the permission from them in writing, this will save you a lot of future trouble. Next step is to get a grading permit from your local planning officer. You will also have to figure out operating cost and insurance as home insurance does not cover your business.

Dedicate a place for business

Working from home does not excuse you from running your business like you mean it. Create a professional and dedicated working place. Your client is not paying money to relax by your kitchen or pile of dirty laundries. It can affect your business majorly.


It’s easy to get bound up in the day to day business activities till that is all you are doing. This is more prominent if you running the business alone. But improvisation is the key. Take time out of work, or employ someone so you could work on finding cheaper suppliers, marketing, making a business plan, and creating a website (just because your business is at your home does not mean you should not showcase it). Get to know products and equipment from expert sites such as LASER IPL. A deeper understanding and improvisation is the only thing that could build a profitable business.